Friday, October 17, 2014

Saskatchewan Library Week

To celebrate Saskatchewan Library Week you are invited to participate in the following contests:

1    The Bookmark Contest
Get a bookmark from your Period #1 teacher (or the library), listen for the daily digits and collect your candy treat when your digits are announced.

2    Student PowerPoint Slides: Gift Card and Class Prize
Create a PowerPoint slide that promotes a book available in the SMHS library. Email the slide to by Friday at 3:30 p.m. Each slide is an entry into a draw for a gift card. As well, the homeroom with the greatest student participation will receive a class treat. During the next few weeks, the student slides will be displayed on the TV’s in the Commons.

3    Saskatchewan Library Week: Book Spine Poetry Contest 
 Book spine poetry is a free verse poem that is composed by using the titles written on the spines of books and stacking the books on top of each other. Come into the library, create a poem with books, take a photo of the books and submit your entry! 
More details are available at  
(Deadline November 1st, 2014)