Copyright Fair Dealing Decision Tool link

Copyright: Online Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic link

Copyright Matters! (link to downloadable 4th edition with 24 questions)

1.        What is the purpose of this booklet?
2.        Why is copyright important?
3.        What is fair dealing?
4.        Does fair dealing permit the making of a digital copy from a print source?
5.        Can teachers copy or post an entire musical score or does the 10 per cent limit in the Fair Dealing Guidelines apply?
6.        Can a teacher copy for instruction?
7.        Can a teacher copy materials intended for one-time use? (reproducibles)
8.        Can a teacher copy for tests and examinations?
9.        Can teachers and students use statutes, regulations, and court decisions?
10.     What rights do students with perceptual disabilities have?
11.     What rights do school libraries have?
12.     Can teachers play a sound recording or turn on a radio for students to listen to, or turn on a
 television for students to watch?
13.     Can students perform a work protected by copyright, such as a play, on school premises?
14.     Can music be performed without the copyright owner’s permission?
15.     Can students and teachers use copyright-protected works to create new works?
16.     Can teachers copy programs from radio or television?
17.     Can teachers show an audiovisual work (such as a DVD or video) on school premises without infringing copyright? "Teachers can show audiovisual works purchased or rented from a rental store, a copy borrowed from the library, a copy borrowed from a friend, or a YouTube video."
18.     Can teachers copy an audiovisual work at home and show it in the classroom?
19.     Can lessons be streamed live to students or recorded and made available on-line for students at a time of their choosing?
20.     Can teachers copy computer software for educational use?
21.     Can teachers and students copy from the Internet?
22.     Can teachers and students break digital locks to use copyright-protected materials they have the legal right to use?
23.     Are student-created works protected by copyright?
24.     Where can I get more information on copyright?

The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada