Language Lab

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 BBC learning English Course

 Learn English

 Unite for Literacy free digital library of picture books (option for audio)

 Story Online

Oxford Owl free e-library (registration/login required)

Storybooks Canada

 Starfall phonics games for each letter of the alphabet

  Fun Brain e-Books and fun reading games

Learning Chocolate

English Club ESL Games

Teach Your Monster to Read games for phonics and reading

Google Translate 
This app offers free translation tools for text documents and websites. If using the app on a smartphone, it can be used as a real-time interpreter for voice. 
Google Lens 
When installed on an Android phone, the user can translate text, even a live event (reading a book). Iphone users can access this feature by using the Google Translate app and clicking the camera.


Rewordify paste text to simplify the vocabulary