Monday, October 10, 2011

Terry Fox: Pulling for a Cure

The numbers are in . . . St. Mary High School has raised more than $3 300 for the Terry Fox Foundation.

On Wednesday, September 29th, students and staff competed in the annual "Pulling for a Cure" event. The challenge consisted of four teams pulling a 13 048 kg Hertz Northern bus for 25 m . . . uphill.

Each team had an honourary cancer survivor, as well as 15 males and 15 females:
       Team Volleyball: Packet of Power (Jackie Packet/Lynn Gaudet)
       Team Cross Country: The Fleury (Shirley Fleury/Arlene Town)
       Team Drama: Family Fans (Rob Tessier/Jason Van Otterloo)
       Team Staff: Wilson Winners (Doris Wilson/Noreen Pearson)

The Results:
         Spirit Award (top donations): Team Cross Country: The Fleury $1079.62
         Strength Award (fastest time): Team Drama: Family Fans 12.95 seconds
         Top Fundraiser: Alicia Andrews
         Top Homeroom Fundraiser: Grade 9 - Section 6

The Terry Fox Foundation has recognized St. Mary High school with a banner and has featured the Pulling for a Cure event in a national brochure.

"St. Mary High School took on a Terry Fox Challenge that was a feat of strength and endurance truly worthy of Terry Fox. In honour of staff battling cancer, students and staff teamed up to pull a 13,048 kg school bus and raised over $4,000. Terry once said, "Anything is possible if you try." Our friends at St. Mary High School proved just how true that is."